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1-DTL service: (Down the Link) this is the Main live broadcasting service; where the service provider gives studio live position with one camera for one guest, and to broadcast the transmission via uplink satellite station; the studio should be prepared with lighting equipments & Mic Audio with additional equipments.

  2- TPO (Tape play-out): this service is to send already filmed tape to the client via uplink satellite station. This service not includes the filming or editing services.

 3- ENG: this service to provide the client with one camera man with assistant with all needed equipment to film interviews or rushes voxpop, without editing services.

 4- Full News Package: including one Eng crew to film the interviews & ruches & the needed material which would be later used in the process of making report using the edit room & recording voice-over script. Later the news report will be fed via uplink satellite station or FTP to customer. This service excluding the Space segments fees.